The Stone Soup Initiative: Taking a Moment to Give Thanks

Today is Earth Day–or as I like to call it, Pale Blue Dot Day.  Here in northern Georgia, it’s afternoon.  The day thus far has been one of flawless blue skies, the fluting of birds, and playful breezes.  Before I go back out into the world, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the wonderful support offered by people, both known and unknown to me.  While the project upon which I’ve embarked has drawn limp support from relatives, who greet it with skepticism and negativity or vague, undefined “oh, that’s nice” energy, others have been far more enthusiastic.

Colleagues and friends have come forth with resources, ideas, and thoughts on how I might both educate myself about this endeavor and source funding.  People in my creative community, near and far, have jumped on the bandwagon of their own accord, and helped to begin spreading the word about what my colleague and I seek to accomplish.  I am so thankful for each of you.  While I’m in the midst of researching grants and trying to make contact with some local communities and municipal bodies about protocol and available land, you should know that you–yes, you–have made the difference to me, to this project.

We are each so small, and we occupy a planet that is insignificant from a Universal perspective.  Yet–we are the cosmos seeking to know itself.  I am full of thoughts about the conundrum of our simultaneous insignificance and the vast potential each of us holds within.  I know that I could not begin to make the difference in the world that I desire without each and every one of you.  Again, thank you, and Happy Pale Blue Dot Day.


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